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Sunday, 16 December 2012

Book worm...

I've finally got a bit of time off over the Festive Period and hopefully between travelling, eating, drinking and dancing I will get a chance to read a few books. So my bag will be heavy carrying the following paperbacks for the next few weeks. 1.
'Anthropology, Art and Cultural Production' by Muruska Svasek. Combining two of my academic loves a bit of anthro and a bit of art. This book provides a critical introduction to the Anthropology of Art exploring the social process of the artist and the work created cross culturally, basing ideas on Alfred Gells theories of art and agency and exploring consumerisation and consumption of art. Yep very christmassy reading! 2.
Secondly I would like to get round to reading 'Venus Envy: A History of Cosmetic Surgery' by Elizabeth Haiken. I'm a massive fan of shit TV shows, good make up and celebrity surgery stories, plus I love a bit of Henry Wellcome's medical collection so I thought I would start to do a bit of research into the history of cosmetic surgery. This book seems like a great starting point, hopefully I can get some interesting facts out of it to prompt an area of study. 3.
And thirdly I really need to continue reading 'A Song of Ice and Fire' books before the next Game of Thrones series starts! I know Museum Geeks love a bit of that Tv show!

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