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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Want to contribute to a Sculpture at NHM? Here's how...

I love it when Gallery and Museum combine and especially when its participatory, hence why I am very excited about this installation! 

The Natural History Museum's current Artist in residence Sunoj D is inviting you to donate flower pots for his new installation in the Images of Nature Gallery. The piece titled 'Remains of the Soil from the Land where the Sun Never Sets' will be installed soon, but needs your help!

But why flower pots 
'They are urban objects through which humans connect to the soil and nature. In the museum context everything is frozen, there are no living creatures. These pots play a similar role as they once contained living soil and a plant, but both are now absent. Information gathered about the plants that used to grow in these pots may indicate contemporary trade routes and distributions of plants across the globe.'

The flower or plant pots can be made of anything and for indoor or outdoor use.

Information about where to take your pot is listed here:
Please note that you will have to part from your pot for good. It will not be possible to return your flower pot to you once the installation is over.

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