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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Your Ministry needs you!

Maybe you came down to see us at this week's Museums Showoff. Maybe you just follow us on twitter. But it seems quite a few of you might be interested in joining the Ministry and writing for our blog.

Yes, the Ministry of Curiosity is amazing. But how can you be a part of it? Easy! Become a member by contributing blogs, exhibition reviews, your thoughts on lectures, pictures from openings, posts about your museum style, or maybe even some event ideas of your own!

Submission is easy and our guidelines are basic: love what you do, have fun. We love to hear about the wide variety of projects, research, interests, and ideas swirling around our amazing London cultural community. Think your idea might be a little out there for us? I doubt it. Submit submit submit!

For more information on how you can have your blog published here on our site and promoted on our twitter and facebook, just visit the 'Join the Ministry' tab on the blog.

Get writing, get curious! 

Also just look at this picture of us at Museums Showoff. Clearly the Ministry is tons of fun and you want to be a part of it.

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