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Thursday, 28 February 2013

My Museum Fear: Packing Foam

I've had to do a lot of things to get a job in a National Museum, volunteering for years, studying non stop, and overcoming my fear of foam. Yes its a pretty strange one but there is something I can't stand and it literally makes me feel sick touching the stuff. 

Unfortunately Plastazote seems to be the packing of choice when sending objects into storage or on their travels.

And I hate it. 

I'm not sure when this fear (or sickness) started. My Dad is a carpet fitter, so playing with underlay in the back of his van as a child may have kick it off. However the problem really came to light at School where one of my best friends (surprisingly she still is) used to hide the foam  from ripped open chairs in my Sociology text books to make me scream in class. It worked. and I often freaked out and started gagging. Later at Uni it was the perfect excuse not to do any washing up because yes, dry sponges are just as bad. 
Rainbows colours do not make a difference. It's EVIL!

So when it came to working in a Museum. I had to overcome the fear of it being used everywhere! Thankfully the denser stuff isn't so bad, I understand its has amazing properties to cushion the objects, absorb vibrations and look profession. I have even admired the way it has been beautifully carved and shaped for displays. But it makes me gag. 

Whilst I admire its qualities gloves have been my savior. Thanks to these little hand buddies I haven't had to tell people about my phobia, but on occasion when I have to reach deep into a case, and feel it brush against my arm, I swallow, count to ten and get on with it. 

PLEASE tell me somebody else feels the same!?

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  1. not fear of foam but like many others I am permanently scarred from foam cutting incidents.