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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Public Notice: Museum Events 18th to 24th of Feb

Monday 18th of February

Sketch Break @ Design Museum
At the start of each week, a new drawing is posted on the Design Museum’s Facebook wall to inspire you to take pencil to paper and spend your lunch break creating a sketch. Share your drawing by posting a photo on Twitter with #Sketchbreak.

 Proformations @ UCL Anthropology
5pm. The Network Activism of American Television Producers, Media Reformers, and Free Software Geeks  Daryll Forde Seminar Room, 2nd floor, 14 Taviton St. 

GalleryFilm @ Dulwich Picture House
7.30pm The Orphanage (El Orfanato) (2007), Introduction to the films and film notes. Free refreshments.

Tuesday 19th of February

Anthropology Outside Academia @ UCL Anthropology.
4.30pm UCL Anthropology:Anthropology outside academia: insights from monitoring natural resource management and rural livelihoods projects in the tropics

Decolonising the Smithsonian @  IHR, Senate House
5.15pm Decolonising the Smithsonian: American foreign policy and colonial collections, 1945-1970. Part of institute of Historial Research 

Devotional Landscape @ IHR. Senate House
5.15pm The devotional landscape of the royalist exile, 1649-1660. Part of Institute of Historical Research 

East India Company and Atlantic @ IHR, Senate House.
5.15pm The East India Company and the Atlantic world in the early 17th century. Part of Institute of Historical Research. 

British Maritime History Seminar @ Senate House 
5.15pm In association with National Maritime Museum, 'The Royal Navy and Malta through the history of Fort (or HMS) St Angelo' 

Michael Faraday Prize and Lecture @ Royal Society. 
5.30pm Professor Brian Cox OBE is a British particle physicist, a Royal Society University Research Fellow, PPARC Advanced Fellow and Professor at the University of Manchester.

How to be a Lie Detector @ Gresham College, Museum of London
6pm,  How to tell whether someone is lying by verbal and body language clues is discussed, as well as the use of polygraphs, infrared cameras and computerised systems.

In Search of a Pulse @Courtauld Institute of Art.
6pm, In Search of a Pulse: Chinese Conceptual Art of the 1990's.Research Forum South Room, The Courtauld Institute of Art, Somerset House, Strand, London WC2R 0RN

Architecture &: Architecture & Beauty @ Victoria and Albert Museum
6pm,The third in the Architecture& series explores architecture’s troubled relationship with Aesthetics. 
Cost £9

Underground Maps Unravelled @ Design Museum
7.30pm Dr Maxwell Roberts has been working on an ongoing research project to understand transport schematics, their effective design and how to evaluate them using objective methodology.
Cost £17

Wednesday 20th February.

 “Sailing to Byzantium”: Understanding a Lost Empire @ Courtauld Institute of Art.
5.30pm Speaker(s): Dr Helen C. Evans (Mary and Michael Jaharis Curator for Byzantine Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York)

Researching multilingualism multilingually @ Royal Anthropological Society. 
5.30pm Researching multilingualism multilingually: A linguistic ethnographic approach

Religous Affliation and Medical Practice in Early Modern Bristol. @ Kings College.
6pm, speaker: Jonathan Barry (University of Exeter)

The Trouble with Censorship @ ICA
6.30pm. A panel discussion takes a closer look at the role of censorship within art, the media, and society, exploring themes of power and spanning areas of sociology, philosophy and political history.
Cost £12.

How Do Surgeons Learn to Operate? @ Dana Centre
7pm How do surgeons learn to operate – should it be on real patients? Join us to watch surgeons in action, discuss learning and patient safety, and practise your own surgical skills. The event provides a realistic insight into surgical education.

Thursday 21st February.

Anatomies: the human body, its parts and the stories they tell @ Royal Institution
7pm It is the most fraught and fascinating, talked-about and taboo, unique yet universal aspect of our lives. It is the inspiration for art, the subject of science and the source of some of the greatest stories ever told. 
Cost £10

First Class: A History of Britain in 36 Postage Stamps @ British Postal Museum and Archives. 
7pm Join author and stamp-obsessive Chris West as he explores British history as illustrated by 36 of our most expressive, quirky, beautiful and sometimes baffling stamps.
Cost £3

Underground London: A Passanger's History of the Tube @ Bishopsgate Institute 
7.30pm  Find out everything you need to know in this witty and informative account of the social history of the Tube. 
Cost £8

Friday 22nd February

Lates with MasterCard @ Natural History Museum
From 6pm Enjoy our Dinosaurs gallery and relax in the Central Hall with drinks and a meal. 
Free but may need to pay for some exhibitions and special events.

 "Doing semiotics" @ UCL Anthropology
6pm In the eighties a number of marketers started trying to apply semiotics and structuralism to the commercial world. Whats at stake for the commercial and academic worlds when they come together like this? 

Barbara Nessim @ Victoria and Albert Museum
6.30pm. She discusses her life and career, and the V&A’s new exhibition of her work.
Cost £9

Late Shift @ National Portrait Gallery
 From 6pm Enjoy a wide range of events including tours, talks, live music, DJs, films, art workshops, lectures, philosophy salons and drop-in drawing sessions.
Free but may need to pay for some special events.

What Can You Do? A Neil Bartlett Retrospective event @ British Library
7.30pm Enjoy an evening with director, performer, writer and gay rights campaigner Neil Bartlett
Cost: £7.50

Saturday 23rd February 

LGBTQ History Month Event @ Victoria and Albert Museum
1pm Experience performances and listen to curators discuss alternative queer readings of Museum objects, discover the histories of the people who made them and explore how sexual identity can inform the way we interpret the past.
Free drop in. 

 Curator’s Talk: Fate, Hope & Charity @ Foundling Museum
3pm Join our curator, Stephanie Chapman, for a talk exploring the exhibition, Fate, Hope & Charity.
Free with entry.

Sunday 24th February. 

Font Sunday @ Design Museum
Look to @designmuseum on Twitter for your way of expressing a love of fonts with like-minded enthusiasts around the world. With special guests and themes, spend the afternoon following the feed of images or join in by posting your own with #FontSunday. View previous weeks on Pinterest.

Border Shorts @ Museum of London Docklands
2pm The border film series opens with four shorts by two highly acclaimed directors. Ursula Biemann's Performing the Border (1999) and Europlex (2003) explore the borders of Mexico, Europe and Africa, whilst Tim Travers Hawkins' 1000 Voices (2009) and Surpriseville (2010) feature answerphone messages from people held in a detention center in the UK, and original footage from a gated community in Arizona.

CineSundays: Dallas @ Cinema Museum
3pm The 1980s TV show + themed cocktails
Cost £8

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