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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Unexpected Pleasures: Bling Things and Goregous Rings

Unexpected Pleasures:The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery is an inspiring exhibition  currently on at the Design Museum. The exhibition explores and celebrates the relationship between contemporary art and jewellery as adornment.

Jewellery is one of my main loves in life so I took along my bling buddy Becky to check it out last weekend. Unlike most contemporary Museums the Design Museum maintains a finger on the pulse of what is actually modern and contemporary and the objects on display rarely feel dated, which can sometimes make it seem like a glorified shop. However in this exhibition all the objects felt current and the modernity left us feeling inspired. 

The layout of the exhibition was the most exciting part of the show, set up like a Tiffanys or Links of London we were encouraged to peruse, select pieces to learn about and discuss what adornments we would like to wear. Each table had a different theme and encapsulated the history, art, ethnography and social context of each work.

One text panel read
' Jewellery is a reminder of people, experiences and places. The contemporary form of what  Victorians called a keepsake, it acts as a reference to the world where the pace of change is accelerating.'

One such object that I thought referred to the accelerating pace of change was Sigurd Bronger's 1997 'Carrying Device for a Goose Egg' . Emphasising the modern need for bigger eccentric but semi practical accessories to our everyday life.

Carrying Device for a Goose Egg.

Plus wouldn't that look mental on your hand?!

Unfortunately most of the pieces were so contemporary they would be impossible to pull off, on a standard Saturday night in Shoreditch, but nonetheless  were beautiful and thought provoking and I especially liked this bit of art in the gallery too. 

Suska Mackert- Wrappinghoodarch 

The combination of the exhibition and Becky's bling, left me desperate for a shiny binge so I've been checking out London's Museum Shops for bling rings. 

Snake Ring, British Museum £60

Lola Rose @ Narional Gallery £27

The Design Museum, £105

Unexpected Pleasures: The Art and Design of Contemporary Jewellery is on until third of March at The Design Museum. 

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