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Thursday, 30 May 2013

We freaking love you beautiful Museum Geeks!

The Ministry like nothing more than to party and you beautiful museum geeks have given us the best reason to toast a large cocktail and shake our booty's.  Thanks to your love and support since our arrival to the Museum community back in November 2012 we have produced 80 articles, received thousands of views and now have over 800 followers on twitter.


Stay tuned because we will be blowing your #museumsocks off over the next few months with exciting collaborations  more silliness and so much more love for Museums. 
But for now, here's some museum memes to show our appreciation...

We will catalogue anything for Ryan Gosling!

Read about how Museums at Night is nothing like the movie:Museums at Night

Planking in a Museum before it was cool.

The sad dinosaur, the new emblem of the Natural History Museum
according to us and the Times 50 top museums
Are all collections 'museums' ?
Refer to #museumhates week!
Collections online?

An oldie from our Field Report from the ICON conference

Hope you enjoyed the silliness, and yet again a massive thank you for following!

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