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Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Ministry Decrees: Get thee to the Fringe!

As you know, the essential aim of the Ministry is to bring you all the best news, events, and goings-on of the museum world in London. But in this very special circumstance (brace yourselves) we are about to promote an event not in our fair city. But hear us out, when we tell you what it is, you'll understand why.

We met an amazing pair of guys at the last Museum's Showoff called 'We Are Goose' (@wearewearegoose). They were there to perform literally one of the best things we had ever heard of- a musical about none other than the great Scottish anatomist/surgeon John Hunter (to whom we devoted a Valentine earlier this year). So just to start off with we have a convergence of two amazing London-based things: our beloved Museums Showoff and the incredible Hunterian Museum. They performed just two of the songs from their one hour show, and we were hooked. Jokes about John Hunter's terrifying and ridiculous pets at his Earls Court estate? A doo-wap love song from John to his long-suffering wife Anne? We were sold. And so was the audience. Because unlike their average crowd, a room full of museum lovers actually know who John Hunter is. And the hilarity just doubles. To be fair, the show is written to introduce the uninitiated into the world and wonderful world of 18th century surgery.

The only terrible terrible thing is...the full show isn't going to be performed in London! (Booo) but they will be performing it the entire month of August at the Edinburgh Fringe! So followers, get thee to the Fringe and get your asses in the seat for some history/medicine/museum hilarity!

Plus if you act fast you can see the show in Manchester on July 14th! (And we know Manchester is full of museum geeks. Fact).

So we are proud to support 'We Are Goose' in their upcoming run of 'Will You Hold My Hand?' despite the lack of London-centricity. Any friend of John Hunter's is a friend of the Ministry.

WE ARE GOOSE presents

Will You Hold My Hand? is the new show from musical comedy rising stars
WE ARE GOOSE – wordsmith Timothy Goose and guitarist Richard Hughes, who sing funny songs about a range of subjects. The show will be at the 1-25th of August, 9pm daily (not 12th), at the Underbelly on Cowgate in Edinburgh this summer.
Will You Hold My Hand? is about WE ARE GOOSE’s comedy hero, Scottish surgeon and anatomist John Hunter (1728-1793), the revolutionary scientist who brought major advances in the studies of human teeth, digestion, gunshot wounds and venereal diseases, which have had a lasting impact on modern medicine.
Less well known however, is Hunter’s darker side: despite being the leading doctor of his day as Royal Surgeon to George III, his ethically dubious approach raised eyebrows then as now – think graverobbings and murders. Add to that his bouts of wild experimentation, botched attempts at cryogenics and transplantation, an obsessive love of animals, a self-innoculation that went horribly wrong and an overfamiliarity with the star of a travelling freak show… and you have one comedy legend.
Give WE ARE GOOSE an hour to tell you the 100% true story of John Hunter through a range of witty songs which pastiche a multitude of styles, from blues, doo-wap and klezmer, to ‘a rapid animal rap that really has to be seen’ (***** Five Stars, Broadway Baby). Think Flight of the Conchords crossed with a Royal Institution Christmas Lecture – it’s a Horrible Histories for adults!
‘Hunter is never less than a fascinating subject, surely well overdue a round of his own on QI.’ Chortle

"Will You Hold My Hand? is exuberant, loud, stupidly brilliant, and surprisingly tuneful." / Tweet @WeAreWeAreGoose
Date: 10-12 July0-12 July 2013
Venue: South Hill Park Arts Centre, Ringmead, Bracknell, RG12 7PA
Start time: 20:0020:00

Date: 14th July
Venue: The Frog and Bucket, Manchester
Start time: from 19:309:30

Dates: 1-25 August25 August 2013
Venue 61: Belly Laugh, 56 Cowgate, Edinburgh EH1 1EG
Start and end times: 21.00 – 22.00 (60mins)
Price: Full Price: £9.50 - £10.50/ Previews: £6
Category: Comedy/Musical

BOX OFFICE: 0844 545 8252 /

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