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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Happy Birthday to The Ministry!

Here at The Ministry of Curiosity we are spending the next week in self-indulgent bliss celebrating our first birthday and to honour ourselves (and of course you readers) we will be posting our favourite articles. The past year has gone has gone by in a museum-loving blur we've met some brilliant people, sparked outrage on twitter, seen amazing exhibitions and tried to get people thinking about museums in a new way.

Almost a year to the day Kristin and I met to visit the fantastic ‘Doctors, Dissectionand Resurrection Menexhibition at the Museum of London and out of our shared love of the morbid came the birth of The Ministry of Curiosity. Orginally aiming to provide an event resource to museum workers like ourselves and create a Salon of ideas for Museum Lovers -  but without the patriarchy and opium.

We never expected our pet project to hit off in the way it has done, we never anticipated collaborating with the big guys at Museums Showoff and SickCity Project or get as much attention as an interview on the Guardian website. We’d only aimed for a thousand twitter followers and an invite to an opening or two! 

Thank you to you, our contributors and readers, and especially our twitter followers. Without your 140 characters, retweets and favourites we wouldn't know if anyone cared what we thought or was even listening! Your support and constant enthusiasm is why we do what we do.
And thankyou to Kristin for putting up with my often incoherent regional dialect and early morning panics. God bless that American.

So please join us in celebrations, shake your bum and sing to Stevie Wonder, read our favourite articles and stay curious. 

Love from Terri x
#Museumfear Series Dummies and Packing Foam.
P.S We will be celebrating with cocktail this evening  in London email/tweet us to find out where! 

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