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Friday, 4 April 2014

Tatty Devine meets the London Transport Museum

London Museum meets London designer and the announcement of their love child has left us in an adoration haze here at The Ministry of Curiosity.  

Celebrating the Year of the Bus Tatty Devine has collaborated with the London Transport Museum to make some of the iconic designs of buses gone by into ultra-trendy jewellery. Unfortunately many of their designs are still embargoed but one design has been revealed on their website, along with a chance to win one of their Perspex pleasures from the series!  

The Year of the Bus hosted by the London Transport Museum (and their Mum TFL) is a yearlong celebration of the vital role that buses play in providing people with access to amenities, employment and social opportunities in London. Alongside fancy Jewelry the Museum is hosting events and a campaign to restore one of its last surviving B-Type Buses. This ‘Battle Bus’ was summonsed for use during world war two  and used to transport troops and even mobile pigeon lofts along the western front, attempting to raise £100,000 to complete the restoration the campaign neatly marking the Year of the Bus and the Centenary of World War One.

We reckon that Tatty Devine are going to bring out a corker of a statement necklace with a Battle Bus design, or at least we’re hoping they will!

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