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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Unorthodox Unconference at Open Culture 2014

Here at The Ministry of Curiosity we’re feeling pretty excited about Collections Trust’s Open Culture conference in London next week. The line-up for the two day collections loving bonanza not only stimulates all of our museum senses but also, we get to chair our own unorthodox session!

We will be curating our Unorthodox ‘Unconference’ on Day 2 (Thursday the 26th) of Open Culture. It may sound a bit strange, but essentially its a space for people to get creative and a little off the wall with their ideas. We’ll be calling for participants to sign up on Day 1 (Wednesday the 25th) and propose presentations, talks, or anything else to contribute to the Open Culture 2014 theme – putting your collections to work. We recommend coming up with an idea that should take you about 10-15 minutes of stage time. In true Ministry style, we are looking for participants to think critically and push one another to think creatively. 

This is your opportunity to ‘fight for collections management in your organisation!’ Sign up on the whiteboard at the back of the main conference room by 3pm on Day 1 and we at The Ministry will get to work selecting three talks which we think say something original and challenging about the conference theme. These will be presented in a session moderated by us at 10 am the following morning. Please provide as much information as possible including contact details and twitter handle so we can contact the successful delegates in time for a briefing on Day 2 before the session.

Now is the time to get your collections management cogs whirring! What are some new and exciting ways you could get your collections to do some heavy lifting for you? Think about what you might like to discuss, chat to your peers or be inspired by the speakers on Day 1, lets challenge our collections and put them to work! Please feel free to send us messages via twitter or if you have further questions. 

Find out more and sign up to attend Open Culture here

Read Nick Poole’s blog post about the conference here

Can't wait to see you there!

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