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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Ministry's Pay Day Picks

Have you spent the past month slaving over loan agreements? Do you have aching bones after a long install? Or feeling the strain from the school holiday craziness? In any case its time to treat your self with some museum goodies! 

1. A commemorative cushion from the Imperial War Museum. £30

2. Drinking a bottle alone? Make some friends with these cute ad dons for your discarded wine corks. £3 each at the Science Museum

3. Did you love playing with these cut out dolls as a kid? Now you can dress up your own Frida Khalo cut out in fabulous Mexican gowns and envy those brows! Available at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

 4. What more could you do to satisfy a museum geek? Buy them a pair of Anne Boleyn  pants! You'll be guarenteed an exciting night. Not currently available in a museum but can be found here  for only £15  

5. When work gets you down you need some relentless optimism! A 'We Make Our Own Future' mug designed by Rose Vickers is a must have for every museum lovers work cuppa. £15 from V and A shop. 

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