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Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Ministry loves Rijks Emotions

We asked  for more fun, engaging and snarky digital content from museums and Amsterdam's top museum the Rijksmuseum bought to the Internet the Rijks Emotions project! Working with Hyper Island Design students the collaborative endeavour seeks to engage younger audiences and break down the barriers between museums and  'how we live out everyday lives in the digital world' 

Museums know perhaps more than any other cultural attraction  that engaging younger audiences is a difficult task. So the Rijks Emotion project has created a link between their collection and the much loved hobby of younger audiences -  selfies. By using facial recognition technology pictures of participants can recall historic paintings of a similar age, gender and even mood. 
Apparently I am a 12 year old female with a facial expression of disgust. Fair. 

We may be related. Portrait Corvina Hezenbroek van Hofdijck - a 7 year old female with the facial expression of anger. 

 Highlighting the collection and creating personal attachment to the paintings that adorn the walls is a really strong and creative move for public engagement in museums so its terribly unfortunate that the project is only running for four weeks. I'd certainly love to see the impact and reach that it receives. But for now, enjoy it and compare your mood and good looks to the Rijksmuseum collections.


This Museum is on my top international museums list so if you're lucky enough to be in Amsterdam at this time of year the museum is open daily at a cost of € 17.50 for entry. You can even take a shortcut through the museum on your bicycle! Make sure to come back to London and tell us all about it! 

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