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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Crushing on the Past - The #historicalvalentine Comeback

Do you go weak at the knees when you see your crush discussed in a museum exhibit? Do you tremble as you see their picture in a history book? Or are you spending the next few weeks hopelessly constructing a time machine so you can spend valentines smooching the hotty? You must have a thing for a historical figure. 

Here at the Ministry we feel ya, and have spent previous valentines lusting over collectors, surgeons and cooks in the hope that one day we could spend V-day in their arms.

 This year we want to know  about your inappropriate historical lover and calling for submissions for our  #historicalvalentines series. It could be anyone who gets you going from an early museum director to a historical TV character, we want to post as many love letters to the historical babes as possible on our website.

All submissions to to be sent to by the 7th February 

Buy the cards featured on this post from Ben Kling here. 

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