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Monday, 2 March 2015


At The Ministry of Curiosity we like to think that our hearts are the biggest storerooms holding dear to us the love of all museum objects no matter how big, small, fat thin disgusting or cute. We've gotta love them all. 

But there is no doubt the things that really make us coo are those objects that are tiny and especially those that are miniature versions made in adoration of their usually sized counterparts. We know that the British Museum has rooms dedicated to coins and miniatures (the painting kind) but we want to delive a bit deeper into the collections and bring out those mini objects that deserve a bit more praise not only for being adorable but amazing feats of fakery, technology and craftmanship. 

So this week we want to celebrate mini objects by showing you some of our faves and hope you can pull a few out of the stores and highlight their presence on your Collections Online using the hashtag #miniobjects 

To start you off, here's one of our favourites from the Horniman Museum that featured in the museums Object in Focus display in 2013. 

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