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Thursday, 28 May 2015

3000 Followers and 3000 Thankyou's

Here at The Ministry we're pretty chuffed to have reached 3000 followers! Thanks for the love, discussions, museum based snark and engagement that has led us to this mind blowing total! Seriously, we're honoured! 

To celebrate this incredible achievement  we will be posting some of our favourite articles all over again!! Remember when we asked about your first time? Or that infuriating moment when we really made you mad about museums then told you to love your registrars? When we outed the Little Mermaid and declared our love? 

But we won't be stopping at this number, let us continue to open the forum for humorous commentary, constructive criticism, and a whole ton of devotion to the collections! Got something to say? Get in touch  or @curiositytweet

And we can't celebrate anything without some funny images! Our new favourite historical meme site  - Fat cat art has everything you need for one of those paperwork heavy days. 

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