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Wednesday, 30 December 2015

#MuseumResolution 2016

Here at the Ministry we know all to well about setting ourselves unrealistic expectations when it comes to museum loving, we want to spend every weekend in a new gallery and go to every free lecture whilst tweeting and instagramming the hell out of it! But we also know that work and life get in the way. Especially when you work in a museum a weekend visit to yours or one nearby can be a sometimes overwhelming experience, you have to  stop yourself from shuddering as you see children climbing over exhibits and spend your downtime ensuring that what should be a metre barrier is actually a metre. Yep, it can be exhausting.

Nonetheless we love the places and cant get enough of the obscure and wonderful collections that London museums have to offer. So this year we're setting ourselves some realistic goals and vowing to just one #museumresolution to focus our museum loving for 2016. We urge you to join in too, it can be big or small: maybe you want to complete the marathon of seeing every London collection or you just want to tweet a little bit more of your opinions. Here at the Ministry we want to support you in your #museumresolution quest so here are some examples and tips:

1. To visit more museums 
This is no doubt going to be a popular one, there is so much on offer in London that it can feel like a constant struggle to see all of the exhibitions and new galleries!
- Prioritise! Write a list of the top four  each month and make a Saturday morning trip a regular ocurrance 
- Check the maps! Most nationals are surrounded by smaller museums, couple visiting the blockbuster exhibition with one of our #hipstermuseums

2. Lunchtime visits
One of the most common complaint we hear from Museum workers in South Ken is that they never visit the exhibition outside of their own museum. This year its time to change that habit, instead of staring at your screen for an extra hour use your lunchbreak!
- Out of Office! Regularly book out your lunchbreak like a meeting in your calendar and duck out the office for the hour. 
- Get your colleagues involved! Nothing like several pairs of eyes to make sure the whole exhibition has been assessed and an extra bit of team bonding.
- Have a big brekkie! Then you can eat your lunch when you get back to the office or only have something small if you're heading to the floor. 

3. Use Social Media More
If its instagramming tweeting or just updating your facebook status be sure to get more involved with the online museum community this year. 
- Charge! Make sure you're phone is charged and connected to the wifi for snaps and notes
- Notes! Use your smartphones note function to save info and tweet/facebook later
- Be aware and respectful of museums photography policies, they are there for a reason whether its security or copyright.

Lets get to it and the Ministry can be on hand to motivate! Tell us your #museumresolution using the hashtag and we will be sure to check in on your progress over the year!

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