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Friday, 15 September 2017

Five years of the Ministry!

You may have noticed that we’ve been a little bit quiet for the last few months, whilst we've still been tweeting and instagramming our ability to keep up with the website has definitely waned. Can you blame us though? When we started the Ministry, we were just two early career museum professionals trying to make sense of work, friends and life in London. Nowadays we found ourselves (dare we say it?) mid-career professionals, our just about. While we don’t talk too much about our work places on the blog itself, in the past two years we’ve been working hard to level up in our respective careers. It’s certainly been a bit of a slog - Kristin has been doing her PhD and recently returned to curatorial work (at the same time!) and Terri has been working her way up to a Collections Manager role in a National.

Since 2012 the Ministry has been our platform to discuss what’s going on in our career-driven and museum-loving world. Five years on in 2017, we find ourselves in a bit of a different position. It’s been a steep learning curve but lots of fun (obvs). Whilst we want to continue to advocate for early career professionals (and in particular getting into museums), our own careers have moved forward and so to our experience of the museum world. Things change, and so now must the Ministry!

Through our blog we will continue to be sassy, opinionated, strong champions of women in museums and collections care - sharing our thoughts through commentary pieces on the blog once a month. On insta and twitter you’ll find our experiences of exhibitions and behind the scenes adventures (so please do follow on those channels!). While our ability to blog  may have dwindled (we don’t want to stress ourselves out too much about posts with our time commitments), our devotion and passion for the industry certainly has not.

So after five years in the blogging game (yes five whole years!) we hope you will continue to follow us on our journey, be inspired, stay motivated and keep on loving museums! Thank you so much to all of our lovely followers who have been there with us along the way. We look forward to many more discussions -  sharing thoughts, ideas and pet peeves for years to come.

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