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Monday, 1 April 2013

Sacred Tarts @ Barts Pathology Museum

The Ministry holds a very special place in our hearts for Barts Pathology Museum. Firstly because of their amazing medical specimen collection and secondly for their consistently outstanding events. We believe an event will always go well if you are surrounded by human remains and a nice beverage but  Barts always exceed and inspire. 

So Barts held yet another amazing event with The Ministry in attendance this Easter Saturday - Sacred Tarts.  With Easter themed cakes it was no ordinary Christian cake sale, the majority of cakes were mind blowing-ly crafted and provided the perfect Easter gifts (and some morbid princess dreams of crazy wedding cakes). I can only tell you how delicious the treats were but luckily for you guys i've instagrammed the crap out of the goodies for your enjoyment. 

As it was Easter Saturday there was no harm with starting the day  with this delicious cocktail (ah hem at 11am - don't judge) served out of a  giant  medical jar. 

These were some of my favourite curious treats Pope Cake Pops Featuring the new and Old Pope they made a great gift for the more Catholic members of the family.. 

Not only were they completely delicious and morbid  - the eyes were made of truffles.
 I loved the iconography.St Lucia is Patron Saint of Eyes  was from Sicily and  has often been depicted with a plate holding her eyeballs.
Lucia was a martyr of the Great persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire circa 300AD, she refused to marry her betrothed,  owing herself to God, and giving her dowry to the poor ( you go girl!). When she was denounced as a Christian by the Governor of Scyracuse, Sciliy his guards could not move or burn her. Instead they took her eyeballs out with a fork. Thus she became the Patron Saint of eyes, unfortunately my Sicilian  English cousin named after said saint has appalling eyesight.

Here is a picture of the boyf stuffing his face with said eyeballs and downing a cocktail at 11am

Nom Nom cupcakes.
I absolutely loved this cake positioned at the altar of the event, its a beautiful depiction of St Mary and her  sacred heart.
Just to emphasis its a cake! And isn't she stunning?

Unfortunately you aren't allowed to take pictures of the collection at  Barts ( Refer to the Human Tissue Act  2004) but I love the winding staircase leading to the older collections upstairs.

Check out upcoming events for  Barts Pathology Museum on facebook ( and twitter @bartspathology.

 Curator and Technician of St Barts Pathology Carla Connolly organised the event check out her blog and follow her on twitter @theteasemaid

The cake makers extraordinaire were...

London’s ‘purveyors of curious events and experimental foods’ The Robin Collective

Food artists and historians Animal Vegetable Mineral @tashamarks

Cake maker extraordinaire Nicola Shipley of Tattoo Cakes 

Organic cupcake creator Francesca Matta with GlutenFreak
Unique cake sculptor Laura Edwards of Mama Jamma Cakes

Food artist Hannah Glennerster with Made With Love By Me

Retro-inspired cake crafter Amanda Whelan with Cake Follies

Jen Cooper of occasion cake specialist Jen’s Cakery

Kay Gajra’s Kaykes

Amy Hollinshead of Cambridge company Bee’s Knees

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