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Saturday, 14 September 2013

New Ministry Series: London's #hipstermuseums

We liked these museums before they were cool...

The nationals are like, soooo mainstream. Everyone knows that London is full of amazing museums. We are certainly the first in line to try and get ourselves into blockbuster exhibitions at the British Museum or the V&A. But what we love just as much is this city’s small museums, who can sometimes be forgotten in the shadow of the bigger nationals. We do our best to promote their events on par with the heavy hitters in our twitter updates, but now we are going to push it even farther with a new blog series on London’s smaller, offbeat, lesser known, shall we say #hipstermuseums. 

Each month we’ll be visiting a new small museum and writing up a review so all of you know the essentials: where it is, when to go, and what makes it so special. But don't just take our word for it, in the true hipster spirit, these museums are so much better live. Watch out for the #hipstermuseums hashtag and let us know if there is a small London museum we just have to visit before it gets too popular for its own good. 

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