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Thursday, 12 February 2015

My #HistoricalValentine: Dippy the Dinosaur

I never thought I would be writing you this letter...

There was a time when I thought you would always be there as I walked through the front door, forever present and smiling down on me. But the years have chipped away at our bones and worn through the replacements and I can't be the mount to hold all of your broken pieces together any more, and with that I understand that its time for us to go our separate ways. 

Of course, I can't deny that I am angry with you for the way you have been over the years. The lies, the deception. I know  now that you have not always been a true reflection of yourself, down to the core you are fake.  So many see you and believe you are  true and honest but I know you're not, I know the truth and you're not as dense as you seem. I think with this separation you need to take some time to fix your fragile health, invest some time in seeing a conservator and come back, stronger and happier than ever, maybe even meet some new lovers as you explore the world. 

There are your faults yes but I know that there's more to it, there are powers beyond yours that are making this decision to tear us apart. I think we have both done everything we could and pursued every option available to try to keep this relationship together over the past 35 years, but now nothing can keep you from returning to the stores. Many are shocked and saddened by the sudden decision for you to leave, and I am too. But, I understand this is for real and I want you to know you will always be loved and not forgotten. 

Memories are all we have now and my gosh there are some happy ones, the first time I saw you, the way you have lit up over the years and been the life and soul of the party. This change will be hard and seeing you packed up into crates and dismantled will be heartbreaking but the home you leave will continue to thrive. You're place in the hall will be empty and as the décor and content changes your ghost will remain.  I'll be here watching new and old friends in the place you once occupied  and we'll probably wonder why we hadn't ended the relationship sooner.

I want you to know I wish you all the best. You have a lot of great qualities that will serve you well in the future. Let's try to remember the good times, let go of our present miseries, and have the common sense to move on.

Goodbye and farewell Dippy.

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