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Monday, 11 May 2015

Dreamland Dreaming...

Everyone knows that the Ministry of Curiosity is all about London's museum-centric social life. But today we are breaking the rules to update you about an event outside the M25 (shock, horror) because...well just because we can. If there's anywhere in the UK we will a spiritual kinship with that's not our glorious London-town, it's got to be Margate. All the charms of the old-fashioned seaside, stuffed with antique shops (for Kristin), suspicious British seafood (for Terri), and a huge dash of contemporary art (thanks to TC Margate). And now, added to the mix, the newly re-opened Dreamland theme park is sure to be again the jewel in Margate's crown.

Dreamland Margate sits somewhere between myth and horror story. You've seen the British Pathe images of happy mid-twentieth century youths partying on tea cups, but you also probably remember the decline of the British seaside and the devastation of the 2008 fire. But Margate is about to get it's groove back as the park reopens this June! Promising to be much more than just a revival, Dreamland will blend old and new, seaside history with new technology. Don't believe us, watch the vid courtesy of BBC.

The new Dreamland will open on Friday the 16th of June with fanfare; Marina and the Diamonds is headlining (swoon) with plenty of other fab acts including the Miniscule of Sound (the world's smallest nightclub) and a roller disco hosted by Too Many Ts. Maybe now you see why we had to break the rules and update you while there are still tickets left! I do like to be beside the seaside...

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