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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Have a Proper Gander at Election Propaganda

In case you didn't know its election time in the UK! Your twitter and Facebook feeds have probably been full of ranty friends and foes, buzzfeed articles attempting to make the politicians more relate-able with memes, song lyrics and of course knocking of celebrity doors and perhaps the most annoying thing, billions of leaflets, flyers and well lets face it environmentally unfriendly shit through your door.  

SOOO Green?

STOP!  Before you get completely fed up with the election take a minute to clear your doorway (Nigel Farage can’t close that entry point that easily) and collect all of the election propaganda – no matter how disgusting, hateful or pretty and pop it in an envelope to the People’s History Museum.

The People’s History Museum in Manchester collect material relating to the history of the hard working people of Britain and they want to showcase an ever changing display of literature from all political parties in their now open 'Election! Britain Votes' exhibition scan, email or stick your unwanted literature in the post and help the People's History Museum show how this election is going, and it may even get accessioned into the collection afterwards. Find out more here Or use it as a fantastic excuse to spend a day in Manchester checking out the Election exhibition until 28th June 


Alternatively you can upload your election propaganda to for a real time online archive of political leaflets. 

Or if you just fancy a look and a read check out the great collection on The British Library's web archive of previous online content from the parties check it out here

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