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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Collections and connections to boost your brain

 Museums are fountains of knowledge – yep we know all about that! We’re pretty familiar by now with the dispersal of such knowledge through the display of material culture, publications and even collections online but did you know that many museums also run courses where you can use their collections and connections to boost your brains?

Whether you want to learn a little bit more about curating behind the scenes or get a diploma in Asian Art the museum is the place to go. Unfortunately, many are not free and you will have to attend weekly classes but you might get a sneak peek behind the scenes or meet some fascinating people with a similar specific interest to you.

But where to start? Well check out your favourite museums learning pages for more info on up to date courses but here are some of the ones that popped up onto our radar:

For the AV Tech - Projection Mapping @V&A
Promises to  A practical workshop where participants will ‘ Learn about the latest projection mapping techniques with Yiyun Kang, the V&A Samsung Korean Digital Art Resident. Discover how to map digital projections on physical surfaces and move beyond the traditional confines of the screen to create your own interactive installations.’
Cost: £240, £192 concessions

For the Fancy Pants Curator -  MA in 18th-Century Studies At King's College London with the British Museum
Promises to: ‘The course is taught in part by experts from the British Museum and will enable students to engage with the unique, diverse and rich collections of cultural institutions in central London, including the British Museum, the National Portrait Gallery, the Royal Society and the Hunterian Museum.’
Entry requirements and likely an arm and a leg in cost.

For the Collections Registrar - Webinar: Sustainable Collections Management @Collections Trust
Promises to ‘look at collections management in the context of environmental, financial and cultural challenges, and explore the opportunities in change. ‘
Cost: Free online

For the forward thinker - Towards Tomorrow’s Museum 2016 @ Tate
Promises to discuss ‘What will be the priorities and policies of museums in the future? Who will be the audiences and how will they engage with institutions? Towards Tomorrow’s Museum examines current questions and new models for the art museum. Over ten sessions, the course considers the major issues involved in rethinking the role of the museum, its programme and collection, and how its activities sit within a shifting cultural landscape.’
Cost: £320, concessions available

For the Peeping Tom - Museum Curating Now: Behind the Scenes at Tate
Promises to ‘ examines the role of the curator and the way in which they negotiate the wide range of artistic, social, political, and economic factors that shape the context within which they work. How are their decisions informed, what strategies do they employ, and what approaches shape the work of museum curators today? Across eleven weeks, the course considers the ways in which curators at Tate develop, manage, and engage with the Collection, temporary exhibitions, events, and arts projects within the current global climate, while responding to diverse institutional and non-institutional contexts, histories as well as geo-political and social conditions’
Cost: £320, concessions available

For the newbie - Behind the Scenes at the 21st Century Museum
Promises to discuss ‘ How can we understand museums today? Who are museums for and why are they working to engage new audiences? How do we respond emotionally to museum objects and spaces? And how can museums play a role in the pursuit of social justice, human rights, or health and wellbeing?

Cost: Free! 

Get learning kids and let us know how you get on! 

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  1. Ooo "Towards Tomorrow’s Museum 2016" at the Tate looks amazing! I wish I were in London to attend! Thanks for this reminder that museums are such great resources for gaining knowledge.