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Monday, 12 December 2016

Ministry Gift Guide: 2016 Edition

 The Ministry is here to provide the ultimate gifts for any museum lover this Christmas, whether it be your pal, sibling, partner or neighbour we've scoured the museum shops for our favourite treats for Christmas 2016. 

1. The Museum of Cathy by Anna Stothard £8.99. As a curator of Natural History in Berlin the protagonist sees her place of work Museum fur Naturkunde through the eyes of a museum worker and as a lover of objects uses her personal collection to tell her story. A great read for any museum worker or lover with a familiar look at the objects, practices and difficulties that museum professionals face alongside a very personal tale. 

2. Hendrix Candle £10 from Handel & Hendrix in London
You can visit the space that Hendrix slept in and now you can smell it too. Although this candle isn't scented the recreated room of the great musician - good museum practice there! - you can take home the suspected smell of the place. An interesting combination of Sandalwood and Whiskey its pretty special one by Lucy Annabella Organics. 

3. Guerilla Girls range at Tate 
Formed in the 80's this female activist group highlighted discrimination in the art world perhaps most prolifically in recent years with their 2004 'do women still have to be naked to get into the met museum?' poster. now you can take an exclusive to Tate poster home detailing 'the advantages of being a female artist' along with an air freshener with decorated like their iconic gorilla masks. This is like girl power mercy for adults, we'll take some! 

4. Elephant Mousepad, Design Museum 
The design museum has landed at its new site in Kensington, and no doubt their new shop is a winner too. we've only had a chance to check out their online merch so far and think any museum lover would love some desk junk from the great retailer. Even for £22 its a great addition to any museum desk. 

5. T-Rex Skull pendant
It's not a ministry gift guide without something from the NHM shop. This time its all about the T-Rex skull pendant for £50 why not walk around with a dino hanging around your neck? 

6. Feather pattern notebook, NHM Shop. 
Sorry not sorry, we love this shop too much to feature just one item (please give us everything from the boutique!) More stationary is needed with this multicoloured notebook as a stocking filler. Plus the print comes on a cushion too! 

7. Cross Stitch Map, £25, British Library 
For when you need to relax how about a bit of stitch work and learning about continents! Double learning = double fun! In conjunction with their maps exhibition check out this piece from the BL 

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